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Our Certifications

Alpha Pest Management is a responsible pest management business servicing the Sydney Metropolitan Area. We ensure that we are fully covered in the case of an accident and are fully trained in everything to do with your pest management needs. We take every precaution to make sure that your family and business are safe.

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association

AEPMA is the recognised association and voice of the Australian Professional Pest Management industry, works constantly and consistently to develop, improve and promote the value of professional pest management in Australia. It has gained the trust and confidence of Government departments in every State and Territory.

Their unique purpose and long term aspiration are:

  • To lead and shape policy with key stakeholders and influence and uphold professional standards of conduct and performance in the pest management industry for the benefit of members;
  • To be an engaged and vibrant association in the professional pest management industry;
  • Continue liaising with government regulatory authorities on matters affecting the industry, public safety, uses of pesticides, etc.


PestCert helps householders and business owners identify pest managers who provide the highest standards of professionalism, safety and service in the industry.

PestCert accreditation is earned as businesses are vetted against a strict code of business practice.

To win PestCert accreditation, pest control operators must:

  • Prove they have advanced knowledge of and experience with the latest, safest, most effective pest management technologies, practices and tools, and the skills and expertise to use them the right way.
  • Strictly adhere to a demanding code of professional conduct which governs how they do business and must consistently endeavour to deliver the highest level of service and workmanship required for ongoing accreditation.
  • Commit to maintaining on-going professional development that requiring many hours of detailed study and advanced training.

Rapid Solutions

For over 20years Rapid Solutions has specialised in offering insurance to the Timber Pest Management, Building Inspection, Urban and Agricultural and Weed Control Industries.

As we have an in depth knowledge of these industries in addition we offer our members:

  • Technical advice and industry recognised training courses
  • Industry compliant paperwork systems for use on the job
  • Online, onsite report writing application

WorkCover New South Wales

The occupational use of pesticides and fumigants in NSW requires a pest management technician or fumigation certificate of competency issued by WorkCover.

These are issued to individuals with a relevant qualification or statement of attainment in accordance with the National Standard for Licensing Pest Management Technicians

We administer and oversee

  • Work health and safety
  • Licensing and registration
  • Workers compensation insurance and works compensation benefits
  • Sustainable return to employment for injured workers

Termidor Accredited Applicator

Any licensed Professional Pest Manager can purchase TERMIDOR; however BASF has implemented an extensive accreditation program, which involves selected Professional Pest Managers undergoing a 4-hour course including a written examination that they must pass to become an Accredited TERMIDOR Applicator.

The TERMIDOR Accreditation program provides a further level of understanding amongst TERMIDOR applicators on the unique properties of Termidor and how it should be correctly applied. This in turn provides extra confidence to the homeowner that an Accredited TERMIDOR Applicator is a professional and has been trained by the experts, who know the most about Termidor.

Sentricon II Advanced Termite Control

Designed for both internal and external use, the Sentricon II Termite Bait contains a highly palatable and flexible cellulose based food substrate impregnated with an active ingredient called Hexaflumuron.

With small Sentricon stations placed discreetly around the home, the Sentricon system is less of an aggravation than traditional liquid chemical treatments.

The Sentricon system was developed with a green mentality. In contrast to liquid chemical treatments, which use hundreds of gallons of chemical solution, the Sentricon system uses only a few grams of active ingredient when and where needed to wipe out the colony.

XTerm Monitoring & Baiting System

Xterm is the latest termite monitoring & baiting system on the market, designed and vital for the long term protection of your home, your family and the environment. Installation must be carried out by an Accredited Professional Pest Management technician. Xterm provides:

  • Complete colony control - eliminates termites from your home
  • Non-invasive & minimal disruption - No need to leave home during installation
  • Excellent safety profile – children and pet friendly
  • Environmentally smart – Xterm only targets termites avoiding excessive insecticide use
  • High quality and durable – designed to last for many years

FMC Homeguard & Eflex Accredited Operator

FMC’s One Million Dollar Manufacturer's Warranty against termite damage can only be arranged by specially trained Eflex Accredited Operators or Homeguard Accredited Operators (issued by FMC when FMC products have been used to the recommendations of all relevant Australian standards, registered label instructions and the Accredited Operators Training Manual).

For building pre-construction applications FMC has the subterranean Precision Termite Management System HomeGuard - a physical barrier product.

For building post-construction applications FMC has a successful subterranean termite barrier chemical product Biflex - a synthetic pyrethroid, modelled on Nature’s effective insecticide pyrethrum, extracted from the pyrethrum daisy.

The warranty is conditional on undertaking an annual inspection of the property as detailed in the Australian Standards 4349.3 to be conducted by the Accredited Operator at the home owner’s expense.

TERM-seal Termite Management System

TERM-seal provides high quality treatments and termite barriers for Pre-construction, renovations, additions as well as Post-construction installed by trained and supported accredited technicians.

TERM-seal Termite Management Systems consist of a group of highly specialised products that integrate to provide true, impenetrable protection against termites and moisture protection. These products are designed to protect structures from concealed subterranean termite attack.

The versatility of Term-seal products will enable you to provide adequate termite protection for any conceivable construction scenario, or to rectify any second rate jobs where a builder has not considered termite protection.

TERM-seal Termite Management Systems will give your home a lifetime of superior low maintenance protection against Termites that is safe to your family, your pets and the environment without any costly re-treatments.

As with any Termite barrier, Termites can bridge the barrier externally, therefore TERM-seal (Aust) P/L strongly recommends annual Termite inspections.

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