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Industrial Pest Management

Ever worry about your stock being contaminated? Or simply want to provide a clean environment for your employees to work in, increasing productivity!

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Ever worry about your stock being contaminated? Or simply require a clean and disease free work environment. Look no further as our Specialised and Informative Service will have your problem solved in no time giving you plenty of breathing space to do what you do best! Your business!

Look no further as our expert technicians will have your problem solved giving you the freedom to continue in your line of business turning over the profits you need!

Pests and rodents can be a huge disruption in the day to day operations of any industrial business as you would understand or have experienced, so don’t let these small yet annoying fleets of unwanted guests set up home in your business premises.

All our technicians are accredited, licensed applicators. Alpha Pest Management requires all our technicians to participate in regular training programs that follow the Industry Standards, Codes and Practices to maintain their expertise in the pest industry. So when you ask what will I receive from Alpha Pest Management? The answer will always be “the experts in pest control”. We dedicate the time required to accurately resolve your pest problem.

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We're fully accredited

In adhering to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) regulations, we treat your business to be pest free and safe for not only you but for your employees, consumers and also the environment.

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